OPINION: Male Child is almost worthless without money


Society has made the male child almost worthless without money and other material possessions.

Let’s have a dispassionate conversation on a post I saw on twitter about men. What do you honestly think about this anonymous person’s thoughts about men?

“The reason most men are so obssessed with achievements is because nobody cares about men, including the majority of men. The closest thing you can get as a man to being cared about, is being cared about because you’re useful.

Implicit to the role of provider is not being loved for who you are but what you can do. True love is rare. Most people are just using each other out of prtacticality.

Men have no inherent value.Women and children are valued for simply existing. This is why boyhood to manhood is an especially rough transition for males. Because they are no longer loved for simply existing. Their worthiness must be proved, or they are nothing. And no one cares . Women preserve their value, men create it. This is why the average woman is more valuable than the average man.

Sucess is not a lifestyle of choices for men. It’s a matter of life and death. It is a lifestyle choice for women. A woman who fails at academia or business can just give up and become a mother. She will be wanted for who she is. Who is interested in a loser man? NOBODY!”

Keep your thoughts coming, let’s have a sober discourse. Do you think what this person said is the truth?

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