My Generation

I’m glad to live in this generation, it is the best I think. A lot of pretty good things. It seems like everything is super awesome. The age of the internet and the world wide web. The internet has just enabled navigation, we can manoeuvre and get access to all we prescribe too and tend to consider of greater preference.


Ghetto, just to its mention scares the hell out of many ‘sophisticated’ people. The word feels like a dive into “eternal fire.” But is this really true?

Abdi was born in Kibera, the biggest slum in Africa. In his teenage life, Kibera was the perfect place to be. All the fun, real African games, he got to mingle with different kids. He didn’t feel any pain being in Kibera.

This feeling started washing away when he started viewing life in a different perspective. More so , the 2007- 08, post election violence, painted a new different world.

Abdi recalls everything he witnessed. He was forced to watch his friends being gunned down for defending their political line. People he knew as perfect neighbours rose up in arms against one another , because of their different tribes. Police brutality, which he is a victim. Rape, murder tension filled the clouds of Kibera.

Though the wounds are trying to heal, Abdi