The Battle for Attention.

The first impression of course is the ultimate feeling of humans. It is “love at first sight.” The beholder’s judgement glimpse, justifies this ingrained emotion of appreciation.

But why is it that almost everyone is rushing to attract so much attention? People turning heads,simply gratifies their ego and self trust.

We are busy , pulling latest trends in fashion. How can you be left behind with Gucci designs, Louis Vuitton and Fenty. You’re considered an outcast if you ain’t doing this , especially in my city of Nairobi.

To be in the league of the oldies, you must be living the life , walking the talk of town. You have a ” dirty language ” if you are not hanging out in famous spots around the city, they are simply considered as Holy Grails. If you’re living a sober life then, you haven’t seen the light of the world, you’re an amateur maybe old fashioned. Marijuana is on another level. It has been “praised and sanctified”, that it’s use is glorified.

The era of sponsors, who promise lavished life styles, and who the hail are my age mates not to heed to this call of life sophistication? Riding in those comfy rides around town, enjoying different cuisines in top rated restaurants grants them a feeling of “heaven on earth”.

The era of ripple hype generated on social media platforms. Right now people are willing to even post nudes just for likes. Publicity is what my little generation is craving for.

Credits: The Guardian

Sex is the new addiction right now. I remember reading in the holy scriptures about the value of sex. That’s not the case out here. It is the new hobby. Don’t even over think that only adults are the only ones enjoying this forbidden passion, even the small children have been predisposed into so much of it. Their minds are far much corrupted.

Why all this is done is simply to attract attention. The feeling maybe its comforting. But it is to some extent a dreaded feeling. So many side effects that ruin a lot of lives.

Medics have found out that some people who crave for attention have a Histrionic Personality Disorder(HPD). This disorder makes them feel bad when not recognized in a group of people. In street language they are called ” attention whores”.

Credits: BBC. Com

Respect earned is better than attention which is solicited. But should we embrace the attention seeking narcissists or leave them on their own lanes?


8 thoughts on “The Battle for Attention.

  1. My brother lutta , you just said everything that is happening in this society that is composed of young generation. if you attempt to walk everywhere especially in most cities, life isn’t that easy because you will find yourself in a different scenario , i mean not merging with others.

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  2. I have observed a friend, who is an attention hound, from a relatively detached place. Even at a recent party, this friend objected to my listening to the featured musicians, rather than participate in conversation, which was self-centered. It is not just the young who do this. Why, look at our President (U.S.)- and everything needing to be about him.

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  3. I feel that social media has interrupted and or destroyed everything that we’ve work so hard for to teach upbringings, family values that were instilled in us from childhood. It should be labeled with a WARNING to all because it’s highly addictive like any drug and cautioned to produce irreversible damage. Kids no longer have a sense of identity when they have this much power. And can easily tune people out and or shut down as they become oblivious to the world around them.

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