The out door fun

“Can’t wait to meet him!” I messaged Immah when I found out she could join me for lunch with my nephew,Karim.The pride of being the uncle.

This would be Karim first outdoor fun with me and the restaurant review with a bit of photoshoot.What a better place to meet him than at the Zen Gardens, a popular dining place in the lower Kabete area near Kitisuru.Frequently visited by adults and children.

Immah was late ,which is quite uncharistic of her; but with her young Karim I had to understand. The chirping birds in the garden definitely kept me company with my phone, chatting.

Zen Garden ,in the lower kabete, the greener part of Nairobi, is a relaxed restaurant with homely service that sometimes requires a bit of patience.This is not a place where orders fly out of the pass with incredible speed.

We ordered a shared plate of shaghetti with meatballs.The meal is delicious ,I kept on looking at Karim as we enjoyed.The restaurant staff playing romantic music with an accordion and as we suck in a piece of saucy spaghetti we realised too late we have accidentally picked up the same one as my sister Immah.

Karim decided to join other children around the area to run around the fields and play games.We decided to beef up our restaurant experience with a glass of champagne. The Mumm, brand was Immah favourites.

The whole experience was illuminated by the photoshoot session which Karim most enjoyed. It was awesome