Did she really do it?

Leila peeped through the cracked window pane to catch a glimpse of assurance from the midnight star which seemed only to illuminate her. Deep down in her heart she felt betrayed and deserted. The definition of life was almost useless to Leila.

Courtesy of pixabay.com: a lady crying

The long , silent even worse, cold ,was not fading. The wild feeling of being inhuman filled her thoughts. The young Cleopatra had a ‘ scattered self’ seeking mercy , forgiveness. But did she really do it?

The beautiful soul, Leila, had never imagined for a second being victimized and pushed to the furthest corner of vulnerability. Looking at her background, it was down to earth, I mean so so humble. She was raised by the ‘religion’, Christianity to be specific. She grew in arms of her protective parents. Leila was that ” golden daughter.” But what became of her?

Photo: courtesy of pixabay.com: in desperate state

At that state, she couldn’t do anything. It was too little too late. People Leila called friends were the first ones to hurl stones at her. The society was up in arms to bring her to that harsh judgement without a single clue of the truth. The society was ready to skin her alive. The society rather opted to justify the reality that,” still waters run deep.”

It was irreversible , Leila had to wear the costumes ready to dance to the rhythm that was to follow the blast of the news. She had to prepare for the worst, yeah desperate times, heart breaking decisions.

Did Leila survive, ?

Did she really do it?

What do you think Leila did, or got herself into?


5 thoughts on “Did she really do it?

  1. Leila probably grew a thick skin and survived with the words of The Holy Bible echoing inside her heart and soul. God made us all equal as we were made in his image. She is an incredible lady growing up with a heart of gold

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