Its my birthday, not yet 50

On 21st of May is always my birthday. You can’t imagine how my heart sparkle to make it through another year. Family and Friends all over are prepared to pass their wishes, please send also gifts. Oh! Let me not forget the typical African way of being “baptized” , talk of buckets of water. It’s hard to picture socked with clothes on.

But look not the normal birthday as such , I had bitter life pills to swallow. I think what I have experienced for the last 12 months, Christians would say,” a transformational period worth testifying. ” let me not forget the good times and things that made me smile, kept me grinding in order to give life a forward acceleration.

Trust, is hard to establish,as a matter of fact more than hail. It can take ages just to convince oneself that you trust another person, to some even lifetime. Annoying fact , the gained trust can be shattered in less than a second, healing from that is like trying to fix the veins of a cracked glass. Talk of a messed trust I have been their. I have realised that people who spend time curving their own egos, who pay little attention to real life, who only use their eyes to see and not reciprocate positively can haunt your trust. They can easily be pieces of crap, who at any point can spit Venom from their words. Being the ones who seem to have a say, in their cocoon, expect nothing short of a tarnished name. But how do we deal with these “short-wired” people, how?

Friendship is golden. It’s worth is more than a Pulitzer award. My friend zone is inflating like daily, thanks to WordPress, I have new people i call family from diverse walks of life. My friends are among the best people in the universe. I love you all. They also turn my world to be the best. Make me feel I’m living a life not a lie. Being human, their is exception, some are just sucker’s! You will never see them unless at the sight of their trouble. They will never call or even text unless you do, never check on you as much as you do. They’re fake. Should I garbage these fake friends or let them stay ?

Emotional trauma can wipe out the real identity of a person.

Talk of emotions , I will tell you I have been their. Relationship , losing the one I loved, accompanied with even heart breaking decisions just inflicted even more pain. Forget , I’m over that , moving forward with many lessons. Ain’t that emotional scourge.

Don’t get faded with my pep- talk of all the experiences, no more, although they made me grow. I wanna share the joy, this day, please also share the joy with me. Of course I love good music , guys send me some. Since I don’t have a plot , no bash, I mean party, music will fulfill the fantasies. I crave for only goodluck charms, I don’t wanna be a black sheep because a deep conviction of good tidings throughout the next year of my life.

We live to share, spread the joy, in fact I’m not that selfish person. I’m thinking this birthday I should also share with those less fortunate in my society. Let me get a little bit spiritual “ I wanna touch a heart, wanna bless a soul”. This will grant my heart utmost piece of heart. I’m sure, I will smile trust my words.

Let’s go ,let your wishes flow, gifts I’m waiting. Happy belated birthday to me, I wanna have a good one.


18 thoughts on “Its my birthday, not yet 50

  1. Belated birthday wishes; may every day be a happy day and may the wishes and, of course, the gifts keep coming your way all through your happy life! 🙂

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  2. Totally understand what you are saying! & Never forget to celebrate yourself every single day! Keep in touch*
    Have a #BeYOUtiful New Week, Luís de Oliveira | Founder & Chief Creative Officer of (I HOPE SEE YOU THERE) hehe

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