The tears of the boy child

I’m afraid for the boy child, maybe the women empowerment came to detriment the men in the society at the expense of achieving gender balance.

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Some people tend to justify the sudden collapse of the boy child with some sort of emerging life trends ,which I tend to agree with but not wholly satisfied.

Just a few days ago an eleven year schoolboy committed suicide by hanging himself, with no clear motive that prompted his harsh decision. This is just but one among thousand of cases involving the boy child.

It all started taking the wrong course when the term ‘be man’ was used to justify the capabilities of the boy child. Society expectations forced men to thrive even in most horrifying moments.

As each day unfolds they encounter different mysteries. Almost 55% of our boys are struggling with drug abuse. The society is always ready to judge them harshly without questioning what lured them into the world of drug abuse.

Right now if you walk in any University lecture halls, the number of man is just devastating, they miss lectures to make ends meet.

I don’t think if they still receive same treatment as the ladies, no they don’t. For instance: if doesn’t have enough bus fare it can be taken lightly, but just imagine what happens to a man? Nothing less than being gashed outside. So sad.

The society has placed ridiculous, unrealistic expectations on the boy child. With the fear of not failing they struggle to keep up with. As a result they end up being frustrated or pouched by the cruel society.

This discussion should not be ignored. The struggle for gender equity should not dehumanize men, but it should create a perfect equilibrium for both girls and boys. That should be the ultimate goal.